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Zimperium Named as a 2022 Technology Leader in the In-App Protection Market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recently announced that it has named Zimperium as a 2022 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global In-App Protection market.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of global In-App Protection market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the major In-App Protection vendors in the form of SPARK Matrix™, providing strategic information for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market positions.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is driving organizations and enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and migrate to the cloud. The accelerated digital migration, the increased usage of unsecured mobile, IoT devices, and various applications, also the adoption of remote working has extended the attack surface and are creating new vulnerabilities. In-App Protection technology plays a critical role in defending these apps against a variety of cyber threats. Various threats are aimed at the mobile application environment, posing a major threat to the security posture of the enterprise. SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), weak access control, buffer overflow attacks, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and malwares like screen scraping are only a few of the application vulnerabilities. In-App Protection vendors are continuously making efforts to combat these complex attacks through advanced solutions while constantly improving their capabilities based on the attack types. Vendors are adopting new strategies to support various types of applications including mobile apps, single-page web apps, software, and connected devices, to proactively defend against all types of mobile threats.

According to the research “SPARK Matrix: In-App Protection”, a majority of the leading In-App Protection vendors may provide capabilities like obfuscation and encryption techniques with runtime application self-protection, risk analysis, anti-tempering techniques, multifactor authentication, biometric authentication, anti-keylogging, anti-screen scraping, Whitebox cryptography, jailbreak/root detection, and more. However, the flexibility of deployment and authentication mechanisms may differ by different vendors’ offerings.

Zimperium offers in-app protection for mobile devices and applications through Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS). MAPS enables organizations to identify compliance risks during the app development phase and monitor and protect apps from attacks while in use. Zimperium MAPS offers sub-features to protect mobile app life cycle such as zScan, zKeyBox, zShield, and zDefend. Developers leverage Zimperium zScan to find and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues throughout the development phase. The Zimperium zKeyBox protects cryptographic keys from being discovered, extracted, or modified. With the help of obfuscation and anti-tampering capability, Zimperium zShield protects apps from reverse engineering, code tampering, privacy, asset extraction, API key extraction, and malware insertion. Zimperium’s SDK zDefend helps to detect and protect against device, network, phishing, and malware attacks.

According to Ayush Patidar, analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) offers a holistic approach to protect mobile applications on various mobile devices, enabling real-time threat visibility as well as the capacity to respond to emerging threats and attacks. Zimperium’s end-to-end application protection offers app scanning, app shielding, runtime protection, and the protection of sensitive cryptographic keys through one platform. The company, with its continued focus to develop broader and deeper attack coverage, comprehensive functional capabilities, compelling customer references, and user-specific customized solutions, has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.

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“Our ever-increasing reliance on mobile devices has put mobile applications and operating systems in the crosshairs of cyber threats,” said Shridhar Mittal, CEO of Zimperium. We offer the only unified solution that helps organizations build secure, compliant mobile applications and protects them with detection and response capabilities against cyberattacks once in use. To be named a Technology Leader in the In-App Protection market Quadrant’s SPARK Matrix analysis is a testament to the tireless work and passion our employees invest in our market-leading mobile security solutions.”

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