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gDEX Launches Its Cross-chain Guild Management Tool, Which Brings Interoperability to the Metaverse

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gDEX Metaverse launches out of stealth with the first ever cross-chain guild management tool. This full-scale guild management tool comes with a robust feature set to level up your guild like a pro in the metaverse.

As guilds become a more prominent feature in the P2E economy, they’re inherently limited in scale by management efficiency and technology. Guilds will now be able to grow their businesses efficiently, maximize the value of their gaming NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholars’ activities, optimize business processes using the member payroll and NFT renting system, and the ability to manage and grow guilds into the hundreds of thousands like a corporation.

Conventional solutions for accounting, payroll, and human resource management simply do not apply to a business model that operates off a decentralized ledger or a blockchain. In a world where the transfer of assets is more than just a bank transaction, usual applications for tracking one’s finances no longer apply. The gDEX Guild Management Tool was built to provide a one-stop-shop solution for all these issues, and set the stage for scaling guild businesses in the next evolution of Web3 gaming.

gDEX’s cross-chain guild management tool is the first release of its core products and metaverse infrastructure tools. Holistically, gDEX Metaverse creates a unified GameFi layer enabling interoperability across the metaverse with a robust suite of web3 chain agnostic tools that enables gamers, creators and guilds to build, customize, and play in the metaverse.

As an ecosystem connector, the highly expandable platform model enables composable Lego block integration solutions for developers, games, chains, guilds, marketplaces, bridges and more.

Some of these plug and play, no-coding needed products include a tokenized Metaverse Passport that is developable and tracks your gaming journey across the metaverse, revolutionary NFT standards enabling NFTs to be usable cross-platform, and no-coding needed Web3 creator tools with a dynamic metadata management system allowing tokenized games to be deployed rapidly, lowering costs and risks of traditional game development.

The company has been scaling customers and users in stealth for the past 2 months gaining significant traction onboarding 50 Guilds, 10 games, 50,000 Guild Scholars & Users, 160,000 direct community members and social followers, 2,000,000 South East Asia integrated partner communities, and more.

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This traction can be credited to the company’s team who have previously worked with major gaming brands such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, JP Morgan, Disney, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc. Aside from that, the company is backed by Pro Gaming Influencer investors and advisors with 30,000,000 followers and 5,000,000,000 views combined, which serves to add further credibility and affirmation to the team’s capabilities.

In simple terms, gDEX is Steam for the Play to Earn Metaverse. Where Steam remains in Web2 monopolizing gamers, creators, their community, and siphoning value across the board…gDEX provides the next evolution of Web3 gaming. But, the company’s solutions and technology are much more than just tokenizing gaming assets into NFTs.

Currently there is a huge, missed opportunity of the metaverse. Gamers are constantly exposed to great risk of burning their time, efforts and contributions; NFTs are siloed between metaverses and games, which they are non-transferrable and lose all use outside each platform; Gamers’ and guild investments are locked in games increasing risk of loss; and there are high costs, time, resources and technical expertise to build games and player communities from scratch. Lastly, there is significant Friction & Drop Off Rates currently where gamers and guild owners must complete multiple duplicated steps to play games and manage virtual assets

Interoperability is key to unlocking the potential of Gaming and the metaverse. Even Mark Zuckerberg states this major problem when he first launched Meta publicly 6 months ago. This might be a new revelation for Zuckerberg, but the core gDEX development and executive team have been working together on these solutions for almost 2 years, with significant beta prototypes, proof of concept, and MVPs.

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