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Personalized Branding Is on the Rise in Digital Marketing: Goodfirms’ Research 2022

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Personalized Branding Can Create New Value for Your Customers

GoodFirms, the global research, and review platform, recently published its new research study, “The Rising Value of Personalized Branding.” The study examines the recent personalization trends, the hurdles, tools, and strategies utilized to create effective marketing campaigns. In addition, the study delves deep into the patterns, and core aspects of personalized branding.

GoodFirms’ research emphasizes that providing customers with customized products or services is the first step in personalization and to have a more significant impact on customers, brands must integrate customized website content, personalized video campaigns, personalized reports, and notification messages in their advertising process.

“Personalization is becoming trendy, and consumers these days enjoy the services based on their choices and preferences,” says GoodFirms.

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GoodFirms further asserts that personalization is already widespread among brands of all sizes and sectors, and new-age technologies involving AI and Machine learning are simplifying the personalized branding process.

This research also clarifies why a company’s marketing efforts should be more customized and why it is critical for marketers to utilize technology for fostering their personalized branding initiatives. The shift toward personalized branding will become increasingly important for brands as customer expectations and marketing technologies improve. Customers expect personalized communication, a better overall experience, and consistency across platforms. Choosing the right marketing automation technology allows brands to personalize each customer’s experience, says GoodFirms.

GoodFirms concludes that the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to personalization cannot be overstated. This starts with being open, by maintaining a consistent relationship with them to get a complete and accurate image of their needs. If brands are ready to put up the effort, personalized branding will make them sustainable and resilient.

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Key Findings of the Research:

–With personalized branding, brands are replacing their traditional strategies with personalized ones.
–Personalization is a new business model that offers brands various benefits and opportunities to increase their revenue streams.
–Personalization is growing tremendously as more and more brands are adopting it.
–COVID-19 outbreak is one of the main reasons why customers need personalization.
–Most consumers are willing to share information on products they like to get personalized discounts
–Personalization improves the relationship between customers and sellers as customers love to seek attention.
–There is an increasing trend in mobile customer experience personalization
–Personalization in today’s world puts a brand ahead of all those who do not practice that. –As long as personalization is in practice, it will always have a positive impact on customer service, product development, and almost every element of the business.

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