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Home Marketing Conductor Unveils Plans for Organic Marketing ‘Platform of the Future’ at Annual C3 Marketing Conference

Conductor Unveils Plans for Organic Marketing ‘Platform of the Future’ at Annual C3 Marketing Conference

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Leading Organic Marketing Technology Company Outlines Product Vision to Disrupt the Status Quo of SEO During “Step into the Future Search” Keynote

Conductor, the leading enterprise organic marketing technology company, unveiled a new vision for their Platform of the Future, aimed at democratizing organic marketing within enterprise businesses, at their annual marketing conference, C3. Led by Conductor’s Chief Product Officer, Wei Zheng, the announcement outlines investment areas over the course of the next three years – focused on making SEO accessible for everyone, unlocking the full potential of SEO data through a next-generation data platform, and demonstrating the ROI of SEO by connecting actions to results.

At the core of Conductor’s product vision is the notion that organic marketing is more than just SEO. Any role in an organization that supports a brand’s website has a hand in SEO, from Content Marketing to Web Teams – even Merchandising, R&D, Social Media, and more. With the rapid, exponential growth in digital, brands are investing in organic marketing more than ever before as a revenue-driving and brand-building channel.

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“We believe in a world where organic marketing is a top priority for all organizations because delivering customer-first content is the best way to solve people’s problems,” said Conductor CEO and Co-Founder, Seth Besmertnik. “It’s also the most endurable investment for enterprises to grow digital revenue.”

As SEO data is notoriously “noisy” and the search landscape continues to expand with new content types, delivery channels, and algorithms, organic marketers – novices and experts alike – require a platform that balances simplicity and sophistication, connects disparate data to unlock holistic insights, and seamlessly surfaces ROI. Conductor’s Platform of Future will do just that:

  • Make SEO accessible for every role in an organization through personalization and self-service workflows in the platform – so that every user’s experience enables them to achieve value, fast.
  • Unlock the full potential of SEO data with a next generation data lake that connects marketing data sources that enable unparalleled flexibility to answer any unique business question.
  • Demonstrate the ROI of SEO through recommendations prioritized by potential impact and correlate the impact of taking action on performance metrics.

“Innovations in data technologies have disrupted nearly every industry in solving similar challenges, and it’s time for the organic marketing industry to experience the same,” said Wei Zheng. “We have a lot more at our disposal than we’ve taken advantage of, and we want to apply the latest data innovations into how we build Conductor’s platform to meet the growing demands of SEO.”

C3 is Conductor’s annual organic marketing conference, held in New York City, featuring industry leaders from top brands discussing product innovations and the future of organic marketing.

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