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Leading Brands that Boast of Great Inclusive Marketing Campaigns

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Inclusive marketing refers to campaigns that embrace diversity by incorporating individuals from various backgrounds or telling tales that appeal to a wider range of viewers. Some inclusive advertising tries to shatter preconceptions, while others just reflect or accept individuals in the actual world. 

Inclusive marketing can be beneficial for businesses as it helps attract customers from different backgrounds and regions. Marketers that want to appeal to today’s consumers and stand out must grasp Inclusive Marketing concepts, the cornerstone of mission-driven marketing. However, it’s not always simple to perform inclusive marketing correctly. To be successful, an inclusive or thought-provoking campaign requires time, work, and careful consideration.

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Importance Of Inclusive Marketing 

Even customers agree that Inclusive Marketing is important. They’re rewarding businesses that reflect the realities of the world around them, celebrate their principles, and express these values not just in marketing but also in the business itself. Companies must be more mindful than ever about the words, images, voices, and values that define their brands — as well as their wider societal influence — as our communities become more diverse and interconnected.

Examples of Inclusive Marketing 

  • Google Pixel – We are introduced to a wide collection of Google Pixel owners in Pixel’s advertisement that uses an inclusive marketing concept. The advertisement shows people taking photographs and videos taken with their phones. Users get a peek into their seemingly joyful day-to-day lives. We discover that each of these people has had suicidal thoughts and sought medical attention. Not only did this particular ad provide a sympathetic ear to a group of customers who could be thinking along the same lines, but it also put awareness on a larger mental health epidemic.
  • Burger King – There’s a lot more to diversity than just different groups. An inclusive marketing campaign by Burger King was all about dietary limitations. Burger King hopes that introducing the Impossible Whopper will attract vegetarians, non-beef eaters, and other vegans who may not have previously sought them out. With the development of plant-based diets and preferences, Burger King has made a clever move to show the public that the brand is not exclusive to meat lovers. It is a great example of inclusive marketing. 
  • Microsoft – When it comes to the top global tech brands aimed at having inclusive marketing concepts as part of their strategies, Microsoft has done a really good job. According to Microsoft, children with particular physical problems or missing limbs were having trouble playing video games with regular controllers. So, the business began developing an alternate controller with touchpads instead of buttons and vivid colors for the visually challenged. This product introduction concluded in a Super Bowl ad in which Microsoft interviewed gamers about how the controller aided them and remarks from the project’s developers. A group of youngsters with physical limitations identify themselves in the commercial and begin talking about how much they like video games and help them bond with their peers.
  • Google – The tech giant, Google, has had one of the best Inclusive Marketing Campaigns besides what they did for Pixel. The Chief Marketing Officer of Google claimed that Google conducted a thorough investigation into the quantity and quality of diversity in its marketing initiatives. The task force assessed racial, gender, and socioeconomic diversity thanks to the study, which was completed with the support of machine learning and scientists from the Geena Davis Institute. Google established a training course to address concerns connected to misrepresenting or underrepresenting diverse backgrounds in its initiatives to solve these issues. This course has been completed by 90 percent of the marketing team and more than 200 agency partners. In addition, there have been multiple other marketing advertisements aimed towards inclusivity such as the Pixel 2 commercial. 
  • Bumble – The Find Me on Bumble ad by Bumble is an excellent example of how a tech giant can be inclusive simply by spotlighting its amazing consumers. Bumble created a webpage, video campaign, Instagram account, and regionally focused advertising as part of the comprehensive marketing effort, which featured several bumble users from NYC. 

Best Practices for Inclusive Marketing 

Inclusive Marketing can be critical for any business. Here are some of the best practices that can be followed to initiate better inclusive processes:

  • Learn about the many types of people that make up your following or client base. Then consider how you might help them solve an issue or represent them in your inclusive marketing campaigns. 
  • If your company has consumers or workers with distinct backstories or motives, include these elements into your inclusive marketing strategy. 
  • If you have a varied audience that utilizes your service or product, instead of focusing on a set of unrealistic models, use inclusive marketing to emphasize how your business can serve all types of individuals.

For the benefit of companies, their consumers, and the planet, inclusive marketing is critical for all businesses. It helps companies engage with existing audiences by producing universally applicable messages. Consider the advantages of inclusiveness and diversity not just in your communications, but throughout your whole business.

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